Developing a Car Rental System

car rental systemOur company has recently published a car rental system. Most of the members of our team were involved in the software design and development and we are proud of the final result.

While we are still focused in developing small & smart tools for web developers, from time to time we also develop complete ready-to-use systems like the one that we are referring to.

There are many different car rental services on the world, this means different information to manage for each one, different rental process/options/offers, different languages/currencies and a very long “etc...”.

In this development we have tried to cover as many possible scenarios as possible and you may note that if you enter into the car rental administration area demo that allows configuring the system for a wide range of car rental services.

The starting price is low for a complete ready-to-use website, even more if you take in account that it already includes four pre-built graphic designs and free support during 60 days that covers any installation issue. It also comes with offers of custom coding services and assisted installation options.

Due to the wide range of features that it includes we have separated the documentation in various pages, but you can also download a PDF file enclosing most of the product’s details and documentation.

Like most of our tools for web developers, it is available as a Dreamweaver extension to make easier installation process and it’s also available to be used without Dreamweaver thanks to the online wizard (a Joomla-like or Wordpress-like wizzard) that will guide the developers through the installation process.

Developing a car rental system has been an interesting experience that provided us with new points of view for the development of ready-to-use systems and left as result many small pieces of code that will be published as independent tools during the next months. This work and the migration of all our products to the new Dreamweaver CS6 is what keeps us busy right now.