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Secure TSPlayer Flash Music Player

This audio player is meant for those who wish to protect their music from illegal downloads. Rich in additional features, it is also really easy to use. Both buffering or streaming mode are supported.


    Plays audio files in mp3 format.
  • Flash-based, therefore supported with most modern browsers.
  • Allows to change player's skin: several professional designs available.
  • Allows secure play: avoids that the audio file is detected and cached by the browser; transmission of the playlist's URL, audio resources and images is realized in secure way.
  • Loaded with features:
    • Select music to listen from a list of audiofiles.
    • The volume can be varied so that users can listen to the music as they please.
    • Allows to play, pause, stop the audio file.
    • Allows to adjust the balance of the speakers (this option depends on the used skin).
    • Allows random playing of files from the playlist (shuffle play).
    • Allows to play the entire playlist cyclically (loop). Once all the files have been played, the playlist starts again.
  • Supports XML playlists based on such standards as RSS or XSPF.
  • Alows to associate each audio file to an URL containing additional information (the information can be related to the author of the music, for example). If the audio file has related additional information, a button will bw shown to open the page with that information, in a new window.
  • Allows to associate audio files with images.If an audio file has an associated image, a button will be shown to open such image. The button, as well as the additional information are dependent on the skin used for the player.
  • The audio player interprets ID3 labels from the audio files.
  • Allows to play audio files that are located on a domain different from the domain where the player is based (as long as it is used in the secure mode).
  • Allows to decide if the audio files are to be played in the secure mode or not. If secure mode is selected, the web server must allow PHP Script execution.
  • A whole set of the player's options can be defined through the setup file:
    • Start-up volume.
    • Skin to be used with the player.
    • Make playlist visible or not.
    • Cyclical playlist repeat function enabled or disabled.
    • Ordered or random (shuffle) play.

    • Adobe Dreamweaver MX 2004 or later (compatible with: DW7/MX 2004, DW 8, Dreamweaver CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS6).
    • Web server must support PHP scripts.
    • Flash plugin installed in the browser side.


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