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Dreamweaver SEO Booster

Dreamweaver Booster for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a package that contains six premium extensions designed for web site marketing and promotion with a 40% discount.

This option is for those interested in a better positioning of their websites; we all know that unless your website is high enough in Google or Yahoo, not many people will ever get to know it! There are several extensions that help you raise your position in Google and to promote your web site in other ways. Dreamweaver Booster has a special cocktail of extensions meant exactly for that: enhancing your position in search engines - through a better keyword management, link exchange, detailed stats, social marketing and more.


The following 6 products are included in the Dreamweaver SEO Booster:

#1 - Keyword Density Analyzer If you are into SEO utilities, you'll find this dreamweaver extension more than useful to your purposes. Beside measuring keyword density (which is inclusive in this extension's title) which will allow you to detect poor density in key elements, it'll also let you compare your site to other websites of the same topic and how and how a search engine robot would interpret them.
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#2 - Newsletter for Dreamweaver It's important to keep the users of your website as up to date as possible, for this purpose Newsletter for dreamweaver offers the possibility to install a system of subscription and delivery of "newsletters" to each and every one of your registered users.
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#3 - Send to a Friend More than once visitors find the content in the websites they surf would be of importance or in some way interesting to an acquaintance of theirs. With this Dreamweaver extension you'll empower visitors to send emails to such desired recipients which will hopefully translate into more transit to your website. This user-friendly extension provides the fields and the visitor needs only to enter his/her email, the emails of their friends and even some comments if he or she wants to.
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#4 - Social Bookmarks Inserter With the heavy virtual networking born from sites like Digg, Facebook, Twitter and so many more, a good way to keep your site and it's content easy connectable to others is to offer the bookmark option for users of social sites like the above mentioned. This can be achieved easily, with the Social Bookmark Inserter extension your visitors will be able to link to your content with just one click.
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#5 - Web Stats Software Web stats software is a dreamweaver extension that works in multiple ways and can be adapted to many purposes. It provides a series of reports that can be made completely, partially or not public at all. All these reports, while being numerous, are very easy to understand and cause minimum server loads.
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#6 - Exchanged Link Manager This Dreamweaver extension creates a system to keep track of your link exchange. Not only it allows you to add or delete links, it also informs you of links' value in terms of Alexa and Google PR. Keeps an eye on your link partners, notifies you if links to your site are no longer maintained.
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