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FAQ Manager

Existence of a webpage providing answers to FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions - has a double benefit for website owners: first, it offers a more complete service to users; second, it offers a saving in terms of time and money, as your direct support effort will be significantly reduced.

Handling Frequently Asked Questions can become a complex task if you don't have the necessary tools for their edition and publication. "FAQ Manager" is an extension for Adobe Dreamweaver, which allows all Dreamweaver users , developers, designers or amateur users alike, to insert a FAQ System into their websites quickly and easily.

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FAQ Manager offers the following features:

  • it allows to insert a search form within the questions and answers.
  • it offers the possibility to associate specific keywords with frequently asked questions that may be related to such words.
  • answers to different questions can be shown as they are needed - "on demand" - using AJAX technology - in such a way that they do not overload the webpage or delay the page loading.


  • Adobe Dreamweaver MX or later versions. (including Adobe Dreamweaver CS6).
  • Support for PHP Scripts version 5 or later on the server where your website is hosted.
  • Support for SQLITE on the server where your website is hosted. SQLITE is required to store questions and answers.


To install FAQ Manager, you just need to execute the file DWB_FAQManager.mxp or use the Adobe Extension Manager software.

Once the extension is installed, it can be accessed through the menu option Commands > Insert FAQ Manager.


With FAQ Manager you can select the page (or the pages) where you wish the FAQ to be shown. When inserting FAQ Manager into a website, a webpage is created automatically in order to categorize frequently asked questions, insert new ones, edit them or delete them.

To use FAQ Manager extension, you first need to set up the website in Adobe Dreamweaver, and save the webpage where the FAQ list, or FAQ Search module, will be inserted.

Execute the menu option Insert FAQ Manager (see under Installation). That will open a window allowing to set up the FAQ Manager to be inserted into your website.

The fields of the setup window are as follows:

If you have previously inserted FAQ Manager into the same website, a checkbox will appear to offer to use the existing copy.

Note: if you insert a new instance of the extension into your website, the previous one will be overwritten, and all its setup data will be lost.

Administration password: enter the password that you will use to access the FAQ admin.

Insert a search FAQ form: this option must be selected if you wish to insert a form allowing to search within the FAQ. The search will only cover the questions, answers and keywords, giving major relevance to keywords.

Show the questions list: the whole question list is shown once the webpage is loaded, without the need of making a search first.

Show the answers: shows the list of questions followed by answers. If this option is left unchecked, the users will need to select the question in order to view the answer, - "on demand".

Note: at least one of the options - "Insert a Search FAQ Form"or "Show the questions list" must be selected, otherwise FAQ cannot be accessed from the webpage.

Once FAQ Manager is inserted, a new folder is created at the root of your website, named dwb_faq. The new folder contains all the coding necessary for the correct functioning of the FAQ system, as well as the folder named "db"(this folder requires a writing permission), which will store the FAQ database.

FAQ Administration

To access the FAQ system's admin, go to the following address: (replace with your website's name)

You may access your admin system with the password that you assigned yourself during the setup process.

How to manage the FAQ

Once inside the admin system, you can see a list of global actions on the left side:

  • Show All Entries - to view all the FAQ's entered regardless of their category.
  • Add Category - to create a new category necessary for organizing your FAQ.
  • Add FAQ - to create a new frequently asked question, together with its answer and keywords.

Below the global actions you will see the list of categories already entered into the system. Each of the categories is associated to two special actions: Edit, to modify the name of the category, and Delete, to eliminate it, along with all the questions that belong to it. When you click on a category, you will be able to see all the FAQ belonging to it.

In the FAQ list, each question is shown indicating its category. Edit and Delete actions are also shown. For each question, you can enter the answer and a set of related keywords.

To exit the admin system, click on Log Out in the upper right corner.


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