CodePeople List

Frequently Asked Questions



Can I transform a select field type menu in CodePeople List?

No, the "CodePeople List" only transform select fields type list, and allow to make multiple selection.

Why I can't see the scroll bar?

If the size of the select field is a small number, the scroll bar is not displayed. To display the scroll bar increases the value of size property in the "select" field.

How I can modify the CodePeople List aspect?

The visual aspect of the "CodePeople List" is defined in the list.css cascading style file, you only must to vary the class definition of the field to modify.

The class list is:

.codepeople-list, defines the fonts properties that have influence in all the CodePeople List product

.codepeople-box, defines the properties of the text box to enter new options

.codepeople-list-addbtn, defines the properties of the "Add" button

.codepeople-list-cancelbtn, defines the properties of the "Cancel" button