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Frequently Asked Questions



How can I modify the way in which the questions and answers are shown on my website?

All the visual appearance of the FAQ is defined by CSS; you can modify it by editing the CSS file that is located here:


You can also modify visually a question. The following classes participate in the definition of a frequently asked question:

.faq-show-all // defines the appearance of the action to show all the FAQ's

.faq-category // defines the appearance of categories

.faq-question // defines the appearance of the questions

.faq-answer // defines the appearance of the answers

.faq-up // defines the appearance of the links that are placed under the answers to return to the start of the list.

How can I know if my server complies with the requirements of FAQ Manager?

Create a file on your site that we will call "info.php", with the following contents:

Once you load the page "info.php" in the browser, you will see a table with all the features of the PHP script on your server. If you cannot see the table, then PHP Script is not supported on your server.

Once FAQ Manager is inserted in my webpage, is it possible to change its way of showing the FAQ, from a Question List to a Full list with answers, and vice versa?

In the code view of your webpage, after inserting FAQ Manager, the following code can be found:

dwb.faq.create("faq_container", {"questions":true, "answers":true});

dwb.faq.create is in charge of inserting FAQ Manager into your webpage. The first parameter of this method is the ID of the "div" tag where the FAQ are shown. The second parameter is a setup object that indicates if the questions ("questions": true) and the answers ("answers": true) are loaded by default.

By changing the values of the attributes in the setup object you can decide whether the questions and answers are shown or not.

To show just the questions:

dwb.faq.create("faq_container", {"questions":true, "answers":false});

To show neither the questions nor the answers:

dwb.faq.create("faq_container", {"questions":false, "answers":false});