Twitter integration Dreamweaver Toolbar

Frequently Asked Questions



How can I customize the look & feel?

The style of the feed can be customized using CSS. The script adds a CSS class to each part of the HTML generated such that the look and layout can be completely controlled with CSS.

For example, the HTML code generated by the script has a structure similar to this:

<ol class="statuses">
  <li class="hentry status">
     <span class="thumb vcard author">...</span>
    <span class="status-body">
       <span class="entry-content">...</span>
  <span class="meta entry-meta">
     <span class="published">about 6 hours ago</span>

As you can see, the classes have semantic names: thumb for the image thumbnail, status-body for the body text of the status message, published for the published time, etc...

Moreover, the HTML generated is wrapped in a container that have a class dwbooster-twitter-timeline, so that the styles can be applied contextually only to the HTML generated by the script.