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Dreamweaver Booster for PHP Forms

If you want to be able to make outstanding forms, using CAPTCHA protection, collecting the submitted information in Excel documents for easy analysis and archiving, validation of correctly submitted fields and prompts for incorrectly submitted fields, and many, many more other form features, you may want to download this Dreamweaver Booster for PHP Forms with a 35% discount.


The following 12 products are included in the Dreamweaver Booster for PHP Forms:

#1 - Calculated Fields Calculated field is an elegant way to insert calculations and other type dynamical fields that change whenever one of the previous fields is modified, this applies to calculations of total costs, average, discounts, etc. This will make the display of all kind of transaction a lot easier for both the visitor and the webpage owner.
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#2 - Check All Form This extension will save visitors time when confronted with a multiple options, in cases when they wish to check them all. This will make your webpage more user-friendly, keeping visitors from a boring and repetitive task, increasing the chances they will complete the registration form.
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#3 - Form Validator A must if you request information from your visitors for any purpose, this extension will allow you to create a form with fully customizable fields so any visitor can complete and submit his/her information, while you collect the data.

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#4 - Multi File Fields Multi File Fields offers visitors the chance to upload more than one file as they are completing a form, registration, etc. Many times visitors are required to upload more than one file and this extension will generate as many extensions as the user requires in a quick and automatic way.
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#5 - Relational List This extension is an efficient yet simple way that works as an alternative to form filling, specially when it comes to choosing brands, products and product models. The relational list works as a pair of lists; the main one from where many customizable options are available and the subordinate list, where a set of (equally customizable) options in relation to the choice in the main list appear.
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#6 - Form Registration and Login This easy to use extension allows for a whole set of possibilities, from protecting certain webpages in your site by only allowing users that have registered to keeping track of your regular users by means of a friendly and fully customizable registration process. This extension works by providing an easy way to insert registration forms and login utilities and all you need is a webserver that supports PHP scripts
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#7 - Form to Database If your website provides your visitors with the possibility of filling out a form for the purposes of registration, etc. this extension will store each completed form in a MySQL database and automatically send a mail to an account of your choice to notify you. Form to database is automatically configured and will provide you with additional information like IP address, country and time when the form was submitted.
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#8 - Form to Excel and Mail This extension enables your webpage to automatically save all the information entered in a form to be saves as an Excel file, so that it can be later used with Microsoft Office utilities (charts, Graphs, etc.). At the same time, As the excel file is stored, an email will be sent to your website to keep you updated.
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#9 - Form to Mail Whenever you deal with forms filled out by users, the easiest way to know of any changes in form submission would be a notification through mail. The Form to Mail extension does exactly that, as a visitor to your webpage completes and submits a form, a mail will be sent to an email address of your choice with the information entered in every field of the form and any files that might have been attached to it.
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#10 - Upload in Background Many times filling out a form needs to be accompanied by files such as a picture or resume that needs to be uploaded. Usually this is done at the end, once the form is completed, so the visitor needs to wait until the file completely uploads before proceeding. Upload in Background extension will save the user a lot of time, allowing completion of the form while the file is uploaded as a background procedure. Once the file is uploaded, a thumbnail will replace the upload box.
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#11 - Form Captcha Nowadays counter-spamming utilities is a must have when it comes to the whole process of filling out forms, registration and other forms of interaction with webpage visitors. ASP form captcha offers a simple yet very useful way to avoid spam and automatic submission programs by inserting a captcha code you can customize as you see fit.
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#12 - Auto Complete Filling out forms takes a lot of time and an effort that, many times, most users can't afford. This can be helped with Dreamweaver's autocomplete extension. As the user fills out the different fields in the form, options for the appropriate field will appear as he types in the successive letters of that word (for instance, city, country, Name, etc.) making the registration process easier and faster, improving the chances of a form being fully completed before submission.
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