Dreamweaver Galleries


The web is a very popular medium for publishing multimedia content, where photography is a pioneer. Countless websites publish pictures of artists portfolios, family photos, pictures to share with friends, or all sorts of image galleries in general.

Today, static image galleries are not as attractive as they used to be; more dynamic and informative galleries are imposing themselves. One of the requirements is the ability to adapt perfectly to the website(s) where they are published.

Cost: $19.99
Author: DWBooster
Web Site: www.DWBooster.com
This extension is an innovative and elegant way to present images, the main image is displayed on the upper part while the lower area presents the rest of the images in the gallery. The gallery can be circled left and right and, as the user clicks one of the images in the gallery, this image appears in the main section.
Cost: $29.99
Author: HotDreamweaver
Web Site: www.HotDreamweaver.com
Flash image gallery is a flash based dreamweaver extension created to display image galleries in an original and great looking way, as images slide left and right at the bottom, the selected image is displayed on the upper part of the screen. This way, users can preview thumbnails of the gallery and select the one they wish to see in larger size.
Cost: $9.90
Author: TrioSolutions
Web Site: components.developers4web.com