Dreamweaver Boosters


Dreamweaver Templates Collection contains 13 XHTML & CSS, search engine friendly Dreamweaver templates with the design sources included and a 50% discount (limited time offer!).

These templates for Dreamweaver are integrated directly into the Dreamweaver menu, which allows you to easily create sophisticated webpages with a single click.

Cost: $115.00
Author: DWBooster
Web Site: www.DWBooster.com

If you want to be able to make outstanding forms, using CAPTCHA protection, collecting the submitted information in Excel documents for easy analysis and archiving, validation of correctly submitted fields and prompts for incorrectly submitted fields, and many, many more other form features, you may want to download this Dreamweaver Booster for PHP Forms with a 35% discount.

Cost: $217.99
Author: HotDreamweaver
Web Site: www.HotDreamweaver.com

Dynamic Trio Toolbar is a toolbar for Dreamweaver containing 9 extensions that can make your website look extraordinary. Most extensions contains visual effects, animations and other interesting interactive qualities, all integrated in a simple, comfortable and efficient way. This product has a 25% discount.

Cost: $55.99
Author: TrioSolutions
Web Site: components.developers4web.com

Dreamweaver Booster for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a package that contains six premium extensions designed for web site marketing and promotion with a 40% discount.

This option is for those interested in a better positioning of their websites; we all know that unless your website is high enough in Google or Yahoo, not many people will ever get to know it! There are several extensions that help you raise your position in Google and to promote your web site in other ways. Dreamweaver Booster has a special cocktail of extensions meant exactly for that: enhancing your position in search engines - through a better keyword management, link exchange, detailed stats, social marketing and more.

Cost: $86.99
Author: TrioSolutions
Web Site: components.developers4web.com