Regarding the purchase process

Frequently Asked Questions



I did not get a confirmation email after I purchased a product

After a Product is purchased an email is always sent to the email address provided.

Some times antispam programs/software send by mistake the incoming email to a different folder. Please check your spam/bulk mail folder.

How do I download a purchased product?

If you purchased the product using Google Checkout, the instructions for accessing your purchase will appear in a yellow box at the top of your Order Receipt page (into your Google Checkout account):

After accessing that link you will get a copy of the product and a copy of the download link will be sent to your email address. Please be sure to check your spam/bulk mail folder if you don't see the email into your inbox.

What to do about a purchase problem?

Please contact us immediately by sending us an email explaining what the problem is and how can we assist you.

Go to Contact Us link, then use the section: Contact Our Support service.