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Guestbook System

What do your users think about your website? Do they find it interesting? Is there anything they would rather see changed, improved, clarified? Sooner or later, every website owner needs some feedback, and although there are many tools that make it possible, one of the simplest ones, but nonetheless extremely efficient, is to dedicate a section of your website to a Guestbook. This is where your visitors can leave their comments, opinions, a personal evaluation of your work. Guestbook allows them to get closer to the website owners, and through such exchange of ideas, to make the site evolve.

To facilitate webmasters' work, we developed "Guestbook System", meant as a publishing tool for website users' opinions, requests, and concerns. It can be used by programmers and amateurs alike, as it does not require any technical knowledge. Guestbook System is distributed as an extension for Adobe Dreamweaver, which means that you can insert it into any website in couple of clicks.

Guestbook System allows to collect users opinions, visualize them in a nice way on your webpage, but also edit them, delete them or directly contact people who published them.

Guestbook System is based on standards - mainly on a very popular one, called hreviews. Elements formed complying with hreview standard have enjoy a great versatility as they can be detected and interpreted by several applications; among them, all most popular browsers.

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Guestbook system offers the following features:

  • Insert the users reviews
  • Assign votes for website popularity
  • Accept rich HTML content
  • Manage the posts inserted by the users
  • Send private messages to the posts authors
  • The posts are hreview microformat compliance
  • Use AJAX to communicate the client and server side

The features aggregated to the product from 2011/05/18 are:

  • Moderation reviews by the webmaster
  • Insert more than one guestbook in the web site
  • Publish/unpublish a review


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  • Adobe Dreamweaver MX or later versions. (including Adobe Dreamweaver CS4, CS5 and CS6).
  • Support for PHP Scripts on the server where your website is hosted. The GD library must be enabled in the PHP Script
  • The Guestbook's folder (generated by the extension) must be located in the root of your web site. The pages using the Guestbook can be located in any part of the site.
  • Writing permissions set in the folder "dwb_guestbook/db"

Notice: all web pages in the same website with the guestbook system inserted, share the same items.


To install "Guestbook System", simply execute the file GuestbookSystem.mxp or use the Adobe Extension Manager.

Once the extension has been installed, it can be accessed through the menu option "Commands > Insert Guestbook System".


To use Guestbook System, you first need to have defined, in Adobe Dreamweaver, the website that you are building. The page where Guestbook System will be inserted, must be previously saved within the website.

Select the menu option "Insert Guestbook system", as described under Installation. The Setup Window will appear. The fields of the Setup Window are:

If you had previously inserted a Guestbook System into the same website, a checkbox will appear to use the existing copy without the need of overwriting files.

Note: if you insert a new instance of the extension in your website, the previous one will be overwritten. All the previous setup information will be lost.

Administration password: enter the password that you wish to be using when accessing Guestbook System's administration area.

Moderate posts: check the box if you want to approve explicitly the reviews before publish them.

Send me notification emails: this option must be selected if you wish to be notified when a new post is published on your Guestbook. The notification email will contain all the info published in the post.

Insert your email: enter the email address where you wish to receive notifications for each new post published on your website.

I use a SMTP email server: this option must be checked if your hosting provider uses a SMTP server for sending out emails.

SMTP email server address: enter the address of the SMTP server from which the emails will be sent.

Anonymous: check this option if your SMTP server does not require authentication.

User: the user name for SMTP server authentication. This field is only required if your SMTP server requires authentication.

Password: the password for SMTP server authentication. This field is only required if your SMTP server requires authentication.

Note: if you don't know exactly how your hosting provider sends out emails, please contact them before inserting the Guestbook system into your website.

Once Guestbook System has been inserted, a new folder is automatically created at the root of your website, with the name "dwb_guestbook". The new folder contains all the code necessary for the correct functioning of the Guestbook, as well as a folder named "db"(this folder must have writing permissions set), meant for storing the posts in an XML file. Accessing the administration of posts published in the Guestbook is done via a webpage "administration.php" which is also created automatically inside the folder dwb_guestbook.

Note: the folder db needs to have writing permissions in order to be able to create an XML file that will contain all the posts published in your Guestbook.

To manage the Guestbook, you will need to access the administration page:
( should be replaced by your website's name)

To access the protected area, you will need to enter the password that you selected during the Setup process.

How to manage the Guestbook

To manage the guestbook, you need to access the administration page:
( should be replaced by your website's name)

Enter the Password that was selected during the setup process.

Once inside the Administration Area, you will be able to see the full list of the posts published in your Guestbook. Each post has a series of associated actions: Delete, Edit or Email the Author. The author's email can be accessed only from the admin.

At any time, it is possible to refresh the list of postings in the Guestbook. To do that, simply click on "Refresh the post list" in the upper right corner of the screen.


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