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Image Gallery

This extension is an innovative and elegant way to present images, the main image is displayed on the upper part while the lower area presents the rest of the images in the gallery. The gallery can be circled left and right and, as the user clicks one of the images in the gallery, this image appears in the main section.


  • Allows to add an image gallery to a webpage, at the spot where the cursor is located.
  • The size of the image gallery - its height as well as its width, can be defined during the insertion process.
  • You can enter a title for the Image Gallery. The title will be shown in the upper part of the gallery.
  • It is only necessary to select the folder where the gallery images will be stored. Thumbnails and mid-size images will be created automatically by Adobe Firework.
  • The images that will be part of the Image Gallery are processed to generated the thumbnails and the mid-size images to be shown in the central area of the gallery, oncethe thumbnail is selected.
  • The size of the thumbnails and the format of the images are defined by the user.
  • A title can be attributed to each image in the gallery, the title will be shown when the relative thumbnail is selected.
  • Thumbnails are shown in the lower part of the gallery, in carroussel fashion, the animation used allows to move back and forth among thumbnails allowing to show the hidden ones.
  • When a thumbnail is selected, its mid-size version is shown in the central area of the gallery.
  • If you select an image that is shown in the central part of the gallery, this image is then shown in a new window, in its original size.
  • You can fully customize the visual aspect of the gallery to perfectly match your design, by simply editing the CSS file.


  • Adobe Dreamweaver MX 2004 or later (compatible with: DW7/MX 2004, DW 8, Dreamweaver CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS6).
  • Adobe Firework 4 or superior
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