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Form Validator

A must if you request information from your visitors for any purpose, this extension will allow you to create a form with fully customizable fields so any visitor can complete and submit his/her information, while you collect the data.


  • Validates values entered in the fields of a form, before sending them to the server.
  • Detection of errors in the format of the data is realized early, on the client's side, this way avoiding overloads on the server.
  • Shows an error message, which you can define, with the information on the fields where values are not as expected; they are also shown in a different color.
  • Allows to associate more than one validation rule to the form fields that you wish to validate.
  • Can be installed in Adobe Dreamweaver for Windows and for Mac.

  • Supported validation rules are:
    • Value Required: the field cannot be left empty or be a sequence of spaces or tabs.
    • Char Count: validation rule that allows to adjust the number of characters that have to be entered in the validated field. You can define minimum as well as maximum number of characters or digits.
    • Is Number: Value entered in the field must be a number.
    • Is Positive Number: Value entered in the field must be a positive number.
    • Is Integer: Value entered in the field must be an integer.
    • Is Positive Integer: Value entered in the field must be a positive integer.
    • Is Letters Only: Value entered in the field must contain letters only (a-z, A-Z).
    • ZIP Code: Value entered in the field must match a valid zip code format (NNNNN-NNNN o NNNNN).
    • eMail: Value entered in the field must comply with the email address format.
    • Is Checked: This validation rule refers to radio buttons and checkboxes and makes sure that they are selected.
    • Compare: Verifies that two form elements have the same value.
    • Credit Card: Verifies that the field has the number matching Luhn algorithm. This is the algotithm used by main credit card companies to validate the veracity of a credit card number (this algorithm does not verify that the card is valid nor that it belongs to the customer in question, it only makes sure that the number entered is in the correct format).
    • Regular Expression: allows to realize very specific field validations. You can enter here regular expressions to be used to validated given fields.


  • Adobe Dreamweaver MX or later (compatible with: DW6/MX, DW7/MX 2004, DW 8, Dreamweaver CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS6).
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