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Multiselect Widget

Multiselect widget improves usability of ordinary multi-select input controls replacing them with a nice and clean widget that allow multiple options to be selected with just the mouse and without taking up more room that you need.

In ordinary multi-select form controls, if users need to select multiple items, then they have to click holding down the CTRL key (for Windows, the command button for Mac). That can get annoying for users, especially with long list of selectable items.

Ordinary HTML select controls also are known to cause layout issues, for example if you need to put a layered div over a select, you will realize that Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and lower will still display the select box.

With multi-select widget, the select control is turned into user-friendly, functional, searchable, and sortable widget.

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Multiselect Widget Dreamweaver Extension offers the following features:

  • Allows attaching a multiselect widget to forms select controls
  • The widget can be attached to existing select controls in previously designed forms, so is not required to create new select or have to add the select options again.

On the user side, the Multiselect widget offers these useful features:

  • Search within available options, if there are a lots of them.
  • Displaying counts of selected and available items.
  • Select All / Deselect All Buttons.
  • Dragging items from the available list to the selected list directly.
  • Fully customizable via CSS.
  • Optional “Select All”/'Remove All" buttons  for convenience
See it in acton in the demo.


  • Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 and later versions: Adobe Dreamweaver CS4, Adobe Dreamweaver CS5, Adobe Dreamweaver CS6, ...
  • The extension uses the new advanced features added to Dreamweaver CS3, so it does not work with older versions of Dreamweaver.


Extension installation

To install Multiselect Widget Extension, just execute the file DWB_Multiselect.mxp that you receive, or use the Adobe Extension Manager software that comes with your Dreamweaver version.

Once the extension is installed, is required to restart Dreamweaver.

The extension adds an object to the Insert Bar and to the Insert menu of your Dreamweaver installation. The Keypad widget is added to the Forms category.

Insertbar with Multiselect Widget

Applying the Multiselect widget to form fields

To apply the Multiselect Widget to a select control follow this steps:

  1. Select a select control box in the design view of the document. Note that you may have  previously designed the control, with their respective options.
  2. With the control selected, go to Insert > Forms > Multiselect Widget in the Insert Bar or Insert Menu.
  3. Upload to your live website all assets generated by the extension.
After insertion, you will see an outline around the select cotrol in the Dreamweaver design view, with a unique name assigneed to the widget and displayed in the label.The extension adds automatically all the code required to generate the Multiselect widget.


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