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Search in Website

It can be difficult to locate needed information on static websites if you don't know their structure. Usually, the only offered way is to browse through several links distributed among the site's pages. To achieve a greater accessibility, and allow your website visitors to retrieve the data they need without losing valuable time, we came up with yet another handy tool: DWB Search Website - a PHP search engine.

This search engine for web sites allows to realize searches within static websites. It comes with several setup options, which makes it adaptable to most needs. DWB Search Website uses AJAX technology to communicate with the server, which avoids the sometimes cumbersome loading of a Search Results page.

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Using DWBSearchWebsite, you can define:

  • Identifier of the result container: enter the identifier of the webpage element where the results of the search should be shown. The container can be a
    label whose content will be formed by the search result. This setup feature is optional, and if you don't define it, DWBSearchWebsite will use the same form from which the searches are initiated, to show the results.
  • Number of results per page: allows to define the amount of search result entries that will be grouped in a single page. Highly recommended for situations where searches typically generate a large volume of results. Please use an integer number. This feature is optional, and if you leave it blank, DWBSearchWebsite will assume that this number is 10, thus ten search results per page.
  • Limit the search to folders: if you wish to limit the search to only a certain group of folders and not the whole website, you can select here the folders that should be available for searching. This is optional; if you don't define it, the whole website will be searchable.
  • Exclude folders from the search: if you wish to avoid that one or several folders get searched, you can select here the folders to be excluded from search. Optional; if left undefined, the entire website will be searched.
  • Allowed extensions: allows to define what type of files should be included in the search. Some website owners - depending on the nature of their websites - prefer not to allow search within a certain type of files, such as images, or files with server side scripts. By eliminating or entering new extensions to this list, you can either prohibit or allow search of a group of files, defined by their extension.


  • Adobe Dreamweaver MX or later (compatible with: DW6/MX, DW7/MX 2004, DW 8, Dreamweaver CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS6).
  • PHP 4 or superior enabled in the webserver

Note:The best performance of DWBSearchWebsite is achieved in small and medium websites, where the volume of different files is not excessive. Nevertheless, it can be inserted in large websites as well.


Adobe Extension Manager must be used to install extensions into your copy of Adobe Dreamweaver. This utility is distributed free of charge, together with Adobe Dreamweaver. You simply need to open Adobe Extension Manager, select from the menu the option "Install" and enter the path to the file DWBSearchWebsite.mxp

To insert DWBSearchWebsite into your website, simply follow these steps:

  • Open the web page where you wish the search form to be shown.
  • Select the option "Search Website" in the insertion bar "Forms".
  • Enter the Setup values to suit your needs - Setup options are described in more detail below.
  • Save the changes and publish the website along with the modified webpage, as well as the dwb_search folder, which is generated automatically during the insertion process.


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