Average lifespan of a website nowadays is just under 3 months. So many sites fall into oblivion right after launch!

Boosting your Dreamweaver improves life expectancy of your sites.

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Dreamweaver extensions and Dreamweaver templates are handy, but you can achieve much more by installing whole sets of extensions into your Dreamweaver. You can boost your website-making machine by loading it with either a Form Enhancer, which will allow you to create awesome forms using your Dreamweaver, or a SEO-Boost, which will provide you with all you need to get up in Google. Many other options are available! Pick your booster, and transform your Dreamweaver into a MegaDreamweaver!


CodePeople List CodePeople List - 08 Aug, 2011
CodePeople List transform ComboBox with multiple selection into a CheckBox list, and also to allow the incorporatio...

Guestbook+Reviews Bubble Guestbook+Reviews Bubble - 08 Feb, 2011
The Guestbook is used by webmasters as a feedback source, and as a rating feature that measures the impact the site...

Reviews Bubble Reviews Bubble - 17 Jan, 2011
Reviews Bubble is an extension for Adobe Dreamweaver that allows to have a reference to the number of comments tha...

Dynamic Sitemap Dynamic Sitemap - 13 Apr, 2010
Dynamic Sitemap is a tool for dynamic generation of website sitemaps and robots.txt files. This tool is distributed...

ASP Facebook Integration for Dreamweaver ASP Facebook Integration for Dreamweaver - 04 Apr, 2010
ASP Facebook Integration for Dreamweaver is an extension for Adobe Dreamweaver, designed for servers with support f...

Checkbox list widget Checkbox list widget - 09 Feb, 2010
Checkbox list widget is a Dreamweaver extension that improves usability of standard multiple-select boxes replacing...

Facebook Integration for Dreamweaver Facebook Integration for Dreamweaver - 03 Dec, 2009
Facebook Integration for Dreamweaver is an extension for Adobe Dreamweaver that facilitates automatic insertion of ...

Corner Ad Corner Ad - 10 Nov, 2009
CornerAd is a minimally invasive advertising display that uses any of your webpage's top corners.

DWB Image Gallery DWB Image Gallery - 22 Sep, 2009
The image gallery has a set a features that makes it a competitive product and very easy to create and use.

Adobe has published a couple of days ago the new Adobe Exchange at the Adobe labs: http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/exchange/ It is a new way to browse for extensions directly from a panel integrat... [continue reading]

Our company has recently published a car rental system. Most of the members of our team were involved in the software design and development and we are proud of the final result. While we are still f... [continue reading]

Giving your website visitors the option of leaving comments into your page is almost a must nowadays for most websites, depending of the type of website and the information that it offers. Not every ... [continue reading]

Dreamweaver is a great tool for designing web forms, but what about saving those forms automatically into a MySQL database without having to create each form field into the database and link them? Thi... [continue reading]

Internet is changing every day and new technologies grow faster than years ago. HTML5 is being developed as the next version of HTML. It is supported by the modern browsers and widely supported on mob... [continue reading]

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Advanced ASP Appointment Calendar
This calendar is an extended version of the classic ASP Appointment Calendar, including support for 12/24 hours clock, advanced HT...
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